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Five Reasons Why Buying a USA Bottle is a Smart Move!

hubusa24-allChoosing a USA made bottle for your promotional needs is not a monumental task. Thanks to technology and readily available plastics manufacturers in our country, finding bottles made here is rather easy. Especially when using the Bulletin Bottle site; just click on the Made in USA tab! However, you won’t find USA bottles made from metal, because of the costs and lack of available resources. Continue reading

Rush To These Rush Service Water Bottles!

rush service water bottlesReusable water bottles are the perfect addition to any project or event, and they add a finishing touch to everything. You might be looking for a bottle and find that you don’t have enough time to complete a regular order. This is where rush service water bottles come in!

Rush service water bottles are bottles that have expedited production. For most there is a modest fee to rush your order, though some can be done at no charge. We also need to review art to make sure there are no concerns that could result in a less than perfect printing outcome. We still recommend that you start your ordering process as soon as possible so you have a wider selection of options, but if you’re in a hurry and need a bottle on a shorter timeline, rush service water bottles are perfect. Continue reading

USA-Made Bottles: The Flipper Water Bottle Infuser

USA-Made Bottles Flipper Water Bottle with Fruit InfuserWe get asked a lot about our selection of USA-made bottles and what sets them apart from others. There are so many reasons why you would pick a USA-made bottle specifically. They’re sturdy, environmentally friendly, and help support our country’s workforce. What’s not to love!

USA-made bottles are made from any material, and we have options made from Tritan, BPA-free plastic, and glass. They come in every shape and style, so you don’t have to limit your options. You can find all of them on our website, but we want to focus on one of our best-sellers to show you all that a USA-made bottle can be! Continue reading

Custom Growlers: Why Your Brewery Needs Them

Custom GrowlersYou might notice your town’s old brewery or new local hotspot offering selections of their beer in custom growlers. These fun containers are popular at craft breweries for their easy transportation, environmental friendliness, and convenience of being able to bring home your favorite beer straight from the brewery (depending on your state). They come in different styles and materials, which allows them to be a great customizable piece for any brewery.

A custom growler is a fun alternative to bring to your weekend outing or to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. They have quickly become a popular item at local breweries with different variations depending on where you go. Our selection of custom amber growlers would make a perfect addition to your brewery! Continue reading

Marketing Budget in a Tariff Tailspin? USA Made Water Bottles are the Answer!

USA made water bottlesDid you plan 2019 budgets around the possibility of skyrocketing tariffs? Nope, we didn’t think so. Nonetheless, here we are, midway through the year, with tariffs rocking Chinese imports and driving prices up.

So do you abandon all of your projects due to cost? Pick and choose the critical ones? Perhaps. But there’s another option: choosing USA made water bottles. Continue reading

We’ve Added More than 15 New Custom Water Bottles!

Whew! During the past two months, we have added more than 15 new items to our website, which means your choices for custom water bottles have grown by more than 25%!

We try hard to listen to what is important to you and find products that address those wants and needs, while maintaining our commitment to social responsibility and child (and adult!) safety. But we can’t hear you if you don’t speak up! So be sure to fill out our survey, whether your buy from us or not. You could win a Starbucks card, true, but your feedback really does help drive new water bottle selections!

So, what have you been telling us?? Well, you don’t want to see basically the same water bottle over and over on the same site. You want different options, designs, materials, and colors, vetted by our staff, that will bring your branding project to life. Continue reading

USA Made Custom Water Bottles: Always In Style

Custom Water Bottles Made in the USAUSA made custom water bottles have always been popular at Bulletin Bottle [.com]. Perhaps it’s because of our selection (we currently have 20 made in the USA custom water bottles!). Maybe it’s because demand for USA made custom water bottles supports manufacturing jobs, which contributes to a healthy economy (and job creation).

The great news is that you don’t have to compromise quality, style, or budget if you’re considering USA made custom water bottles. Bulletin Bottle [.com] has custom water bottles that are made in the USA from Tritan, BPA-free plastic, and aluminum at price points to fit every budget. Continue reading

Top Ten Customized Water Bottles of 2014

Top Customized Water Bottles of 2014Customized water bottles are meant to be just that—custom. No two projects are created equally. So we at Bulletin Bottle [.com] were somewhat surprised to see that in 2014, time and again our clients gravitated towards the same bottles.

Like each customer’s project, these water bottles each have unique characteristics. However, they share one commonality: they are, by far, the most popular customized water bottles of 2014.


Continue reading

Insulated Tumbler or Acrylic Tumbler with Straw: What’s The Difference?

Our Insulated Tumbler with Straw and Acrylic Tumbler with Straw look to be the same, but there are several key differences between the two that may dictate which product works best for your needs. Read our owner’s take on these two popular “bottles”.

When I first saw the Insulated Tumbler at a trade show earlier this year, I wasn’t crazy about it.  I reguarly use our Acrylic Tumbler with Straw, and I really like it for iced water and iced coffee, and the Insulated Tumbler seemed, well, cheaper (it is…by nearly $2!).  The polypropylene material is softer than the hard acrylic tumbler, and I had a hard time believing that this type of double wall tumbler would have any insulating properties (keep reading, because I was wrong!).

Continue reading

Tritan Water Bottles: Spout or No Spout?

Tritan water bottles–we love ’em! And, we know you will too. The question is: do you want a drinking spout, straw, or twist off lid? In the end, it really comes down to preference. Tritan water bottles are dishwasher safe, stainproof, and odorproof. If you’d like more information on Tritan’s history, read this blog. So, what to choose? Let us offer up a few suggestions!

Tritan water bottlesFirst up is our popular Traditional Water Bottle. We love this bottle’s large color assortment and sleek design, as well as its ability to handle vertical imprints and large logos. The crest lid has a built in grab handle that makes it easy to tote around and the opening is wide enough to fit ice cubes.

What our staff tester didn’t like about this bottle is the lid. She said, “I work at a desk all day and I prefer to drink through spouts, so I don’t have to constantly screw and unscrew the cap–or risk the possibility of knocking the bottle over and spilling water on my desk.”

Despite really liking the overall design of the Tradititional Water Bottle, she really needs a spout lid for her purposes (that’s why we just added the Traditional Water Bottle with Straw to our lineup!). Continue reading