Awesome New Tritan Water Bottle: Staff Review

If you’re looking for an awesome new water bottle–something that isn’t like what everyone else is using–you need to consider our new Smooth Tritan Carabiner Bottle. Why? Well, just read this staff review from our owner!

CRBSMOOTHMV-allAs soon as the sample of the Smooth Tritan Carabiner Bottle arrived in our office, I knew I was going to love it. I was right…it was my new favorite bottle, until my college-aged daughter discovered it. Now it’s her new favorite bottle!

My favorite thing about this bottle is the texture. While the bottle is made from Tritan, the outer coating feels rubbery, with a nice soft texture that makes it easy to grip and fun to use. I prefer a spout cap, rather than a lid that you have to twist on and off with each use (or risk spilling) and the spout on this bottle works great! The straw is plenty wide and you don’t have to suck on it too hard for a nice sip of water.

The cap also has a carabiner clip on it. Personally, I wouldn’t clip it to a backpack or bag since it’s a bit heavy (especially when filled with water), but I can see that clip coming in handy to keep my keys together with my water bottle, or to clip the empty bottle to a backpack or bag.

The capacity of the Smooth Tritan Carabiner Bottle is perfect for me since I try to remember to drink plenty of water during the day. I find 28 ounces to be just enough for half the day, then I refill it with cold water to get through the afternoon.

I’m definitely going to need to get my hands on another sample (and hide it from my daughter this time)!

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