Staff Reviews: H2Go Pilot Insulated Bottle

h2go pilot insulated bottleInsulated bottles have been taking over the reusable water bottle world. People are going crazy for bottles that can keep your drinks cold and prevent the dreaded “water bottle sweat” that we want to keep off our hands. Our H2go Pilot Insulated Bottle is a great insulated option!

The H2go Pilot Insulated Bottle is perfect when you need an everyday bottle that is sleek enough to bring to the office with you. These 20.9 oz bottles fit nicely in your hand! The lid also has a handle which you can clip on to your bag. You’re hands free when you need to be!  The flip up spout is also controlled by a push button so you don’t have to worry about leaky mouthpieces.

This bottle also can be ordered with rush service. This means that if you have a deadline that’s quickly approaching, we can work with you to get this bottle in on time with your logo or design printed perfectly! The full color printing option is great to get this bottle to stand out and be noticeable.

One of our staffers Mary has been using this bottle for the past week, and she has a lot to say! Mary loved the insulated quality of this bottle. She said, “I love the fact that my drink will stay cold throughout the day since I’m a slow drinker. I also like how this bottle shape, and I think the handle is a nice design.”

The flip up drinking spout is a feature that helps add structure and durability to this bottle. We have tried a lot of reusable water bottles, and the flip up spout on this bottle was hit or miss depending on who tried it out. Mary said, “I noticed that the flip spout can be hard to push back sometimes. You have to push down pretty hard to get it to snap into place”. Maybe that’s not a bad thing, but we thought it was worth mentioning.

Overall, this H2go Pilot Insulated Bottle is a great choice that can work in multiple settings and environments. This bottle is versatile and unique and will display your logo or design proudly.

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6 thoughts on “Staff Reviews: H2Go Pilot Insulated Bottle

      1. Hi, We told Jack: Hi, consensus around here is that the tight seal requires pushing down hard on the spout. It does latch securely once closed.

        I don’t see you in our system…I don’t believe you got this bottle from us, but send an email to and we will try to help you out anyway!

  1. I did not get my bottle from you… but have a question… can I drink hot liquids? Does the spout come off for washing?

    1. We can’t speak to your bottle if it’s not the exact same one but if you have an h2go Pilot, you can drink hot liquids. Parts of the lid can come apart for easier washing as well. We suggest reaching out to the company you got the item from with any specific questions 🙂

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