Top Ten Customized Water Bottles of 2014

Top Customized Water Bottles of 2014Customized water bottles are meant to be just that—custom. No two projects are created equally. So we at Bulletin Bottle [.com] were somewhat surprised to see that in 2014, time and again our clients gravitated towards the same bottles.

Like each customer’s project, these water bottles each have unique characteristics. However, they share one commonality: they are, by far, the most popular customized water bottles of 2014.


1. Translucent Sport Bottle with Flip Up Lid
2. Squeeze Water Bottle
3. Flipper Water Bottle
4. Squeeze Water Bottle Colors
5. Traditional Water Bottle
6. Translucent Sport Bottle with Push Pull Spout
7. Simple Carabiner Sport Bottle
8. Finger Grip Straw Bottle
9. Textured Gripper Bottle 
10. Bike Bottle Colors

If your bottle didn’t make the “cut”, don’t worry! The list of most popular customized water bottles was different in 2013, and 2015 will likely bring a new round of favorites!

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