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The Beauty of Full-Color Printing!

USA Made aluminum water bottleIn the world of reusable water bottles, customization and personalization have become increasingly popular. And for good reason! Promotional products like these are extremely effective at marketing your brand and connecting with your audience. One exciting trend that has emerged is the use of full-color printing on water bottles, allowing individuals to express their unique style and create eye-catching designs! There’s a lot to love about full-color printing …from personal expression to brand promotion, it adds a touch of vibrancy to our hydration companions! Continue reading

Seamless Water Bottle Logos: We Can Do Full Color Wraps!

Bottle Logos Custom Color WrapWhen planning a project, it can be daunting to decide your bottle logos should look like. Should you use your company logo? Design something new? How do you maximize the imprint area and make your message stand out? Did you know that we have a selection of bottles with the capability for a seamless, full color wrap?

Many of our clients have expressed the desire to make their bottle logos fully wrap around. Up until now, the only option was a wrapped design with a gap, usually about ¾”, to avoid smearing and lessen the appearance of slight misalignment. The technology just wasn’t there to craft full wraps with perfect precision. Until now.  Continue reading

The h2go Surge Custom Aluminum Bottle: Staff Review

Custom Aluminum BottlesCustom aluminum bottles continue to be very popular items. They at once straddle the line between budget friendly and high perceived value. Metal bottles are typically trendy, stylish items and appeal to a wide range of people, making them a good bet when looking for ways to leave a mark on your organization’s target audience.

Since our clients are always hunting for a good deal that still makes their branding pop, we have added a few new aluminum water bottles to our lineup. We especially like the h2go Surge Aluminum Bottle. Continue reading

Transform your Project with Innovative Water Bottle Printing!

Water Bottle Printing TechniquesWrap, one side printing, spot color, digital…there are so many water bottle printing techniques! Ultimately, your artwork, messaging, or logo prints within a set imprint area, determined by the bottle you choose and the print capabilities of the machine.

But (and this is a BIG but), not anymore! There are some seriously innovative print methods (on select water bottles) for amazing projects that take your bulk water bottles to the next level—the sleek, retail branding level!

Even organizations with strict brand guidelines can get creative and jump outside of the box for a truly one-of-a-kind end result! Continue reading

Water Bottle Giveaways: Great Election Campaign Idea!

USA Made Water Bottle GiveawaysEven though Election Day is more than a year away, the Presidential race is already in full swing. The heat is on and candidates know they need to cut through the clutter and be top of mind—starting NOW.

In recent elections, candidates have discovered the power of water bottle giveaways.

Don’t believe us? Continue reading

Printed Water Bottles: Warmer Weather Calls for This Popular Item!

Your_Logo_imgFrom schools to airports, national parks to playgrounds, bottle fill stations are popping up all over the place. Plastics reduction efforts around the country have helped to catapult custom water bottles into the limelight—and into everyone’s hands! As we crawl out of our winter hibernation and head towards warmer weather, there’s never been a better time to integrate printed water bottles into your marketing or fundraising efforts.

Not convinced? In a survey conducted by the Promotional Products Association International, 69% of respondents said that usability is key when it comes to grabbing a promotional product at an event. More than 90% said that the reason they keep and use a promotional product is because it’s useful.

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Top Ten Customized Water Bottles of 2014

Top Customized Water Bottles of 2014Customized water bottles are meant to be just that—custom. No two projects are created equally. So we at Bulletin Bottle [.com] were somewhat surprised to see that in 2014, time and again our clients gravitated towards the same bottles.

Like each customer’s project, these water bottles each have unique characteristics. However, they share one commonality: they are, by far, the most popular customized water bottles of 2014.


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Seven Ways to Make Wholesale Water Bottles Work for Your Retail Store

So you ordered some wholesale water bottles with your logo on them. The boxes have delivered and now you’re wondering what on earth to do with them all. Here are seven great ideas:


1. Give one to every employee and eliminate single-use, disposable bottles in your workplace. Plus, it will be easier for your staff to sell something they’ve used personally.
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Promotional Water Bottles Work!

Promotional Water Bottles WorkFor years, we’ve been saying that people (and camels!) love free stuff! And they do! But, how long does that love affair last? Well, that depends on the product, Generally speaking, however, nearly half of the recipients keep it for a year or more!

Did you know that 53% of consumers use promotional products every week? Considering that water bottles can last for years—and be used every day—this bodes well for your promotional water bottles campaign!

The best part? 76% of people who own, say, a promotional water bottle, can remember where it came from and what the message is—whether they have it in front of them (which is kind of cheating…) or not! That’s money well spent.

So, if you’ve been kicking around the idea of using promotional water bottles for your company, school, or nonprofit…chances are your project will be well received AND remembered for a long time to come.