Seven Ways to Make Wholesale Water Bottles Work for Your Retail Store

So you ordered some wholesale water bottles with your logo on them. The boxes have delivered and now you’re wondering what on earth to do with them all. Here are seven great ideas:


1. Give one to every employee and eliminate single-use, disposable bottles in your workplace. Plus, it will be easier for your staff to sell something they’ve used personally.

2. Reward large or frequent purchases with a water bottle printed with your custom artwork.

Example: A small retail store that averages $50 per sale wants to increase the average dollar amount per sale. They offer a free water bottle for purchases of $75 or more.

3. Raise awareness and funds for a charity by selling water bottles co-branded with their message.

Example: A large retail chain is a long-time supporter of a nationally recognized cancer association. They sell special-edition co-branded water bottles, and the profits are donated to the non-profit.

4. Create a line of water bottles for your retail establishment and sell them at a fair profit margin. Your loyal customers will be happy to show their support of your store, and new customers will be drawn to your trendy items!

Example: A popular, local retail establishment wants to sell water bottles at their store. Customers are invited to submit designs for the new bottle. Create a PR buzz with both the contest and the subsequent sale of the new bottles.

5. Generate media attention by offering a large-scale water bottle giveaway.

Example: A shop purchases wholesale water bottles to give away at an event, and then challenges the public to use them. Every time a “spotter” sees that water bottle being used within the next 30 days, that person wins $20 on the spot and is entered into a grand-prize drawing.

6. Increase excitement about your product launch by packaging it with a free, limited edition water bottle.

Example: An organic bakery is celebrating its grand opening. Every loaf of bread purchased on that day comes with a free water bottle with the bakery’s messaging.

7. Find an event attended by your target audience and offer to donate water bottles in trade for sponsorship benefits.

Example: A local business wants to improve their visibility in the community. They purchase wholesale water bottles and sponsor a giveaway at the local farmers market. Free bottles printed with the company’s logo are given to the first 25 customers to visit the market each week.

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