Water Bottle Fundraisers: What to Know

kids_for_the_bay3Many of our clients hold water bottle fundraisers for their nonprofit organization, and have great success with promoting their environmental consciousness with their group’s supporters. However, there are a few things you need to know before selecting which bottle you’ll use for water bottle fundraisers.

1. Age of your primary recipients

Focused on adults? If your bottles will be purchased and used primarily by adults (if you’re a church selling water bottles after services, for example), then you can pick and choose from any water bottle on the Bulletin Bottle website.

Targeting teens? If you’re a high school selling water bottles at your football games, you can choose from any water bottle on our site.

Aiming for tweens or children? This is where it gets tricky. While each water bottle we carry has passed testing for applicable FDA standards, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) mandates that we take extra precautions when selling water bottles meant PRIMARILY for children under the age of 13. We’ve written a comprehensive FAQ on CPSIA, but in a nutshell, let us know if your audience could be children under 13 so we can help you select bottles that are tested and approved for your age group and your unique needs.

2. Budget

Once you determine what water bottles you can choose from, the next thing to keep in mind is budget. Bulletin Bottle has water bottles to fit all budgets, but please keep in mind that glass bottles, aluminum bottles, and stainless bottles generally cost more than BPA free plastic or Tritan water bottles. We offer a great nonprofit discount, so be sure to let us know that you’re a nonprofit when you request a quote.

3. Artwork

Often times, our clients want to put hand-drawn art on a custom water bottle. This is great! The more personalized your water bottles are to your audience, the more your supporters will like them. When creating your artwork, please remember that fine lines and small details might not print clearly on your bottle, so we recommend bold designs. If you’re unsure about whether or not your artwork will work on a bottle, just ask!

4. Purchasing Options

Some organizations will create a simple order form to pre-sell the bags–and then order just what they need. We can provide you with a sketch of the bag with your logo on it which can be used on the form. Orders are then tallied, ordered in bulk and then distributed.

You can also purchase the water bottles, and then resell them at various events. Remember…you can always reorder more when you run out!

Please also know that product safety and responsible labor practices are top priorities for Bulletin Bottle. You can read more about our social responsibility here: http://www.bulletinbag.com/about-us/social-responsiblity-and-product-safety.htm

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