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H2Go Two Tone Glass Water Bottle: Staff Review

h2go Two Tone Glass Water BottleGlass water bottles are both stylish and practical. They’re made from sustainable raw materials and glass doesn’t alter the taste of its contents, which makes it the perfect vessel for those who enjoy “pure” tasting water. Our h2go Two Tone Glass Water Bottle is our most popular glass option, so it made sense for us to do an extended road test on this one. Here’s what we think! Continue reading

Stainless Copper Insulated Tumbler: Staff Review

Stainless Copper Insulated TumblerInsulated bottles and tumblers have always been popular mainstays in the drinkware industry. It makes sense—they’re multi-purpose, easy to clean, and hard-working.

One of our newest insulated tumblers is the Stainless Copper Insulated Tumbler. This is a clear staff favorite in this category. We know we say that a lot, but we do field test all of our bottles, so it would stand to reason that our favorites are what make the cut!  Continue reading

H2go Insulated Grab and Go Bottle: Staff Review

Looking for a water bottle that’s up to the challenge of a life in motion? Take a closer look at our h2go Insulated Grab and Go Bottle!

This water bottle is a staff favorite, and for good reason. Can we just start with the exterior? The colors are fantastic. From bright neons to matte black, and everything in between, our clients will find a color that best suits their organization’s identity AND stay on-trend. Continue reading

Thermal Insulated Water Bottle: Staff Review

ETB91544S-insulation side viewHave you seen our Thermal Insulated Water Bottle? If not, you have to check it out. This one’s styled after the uber-popular S’well bottle, making it at once trendy, classic, AND customizable!

Our high-end Thermal Insulated Water Bottle features 18/8 double-wall stainless steel with copper vacuum insulation (a top material choice for thermal bottles). So what? A double-wall bottle serves two primary purposes: 1) to eliminate condensation on the exterior when using cold liquids, and 2) to retain the internal temperature longer (depending on the construction).  Continue reading

The h2go Surge Custom Aluminum Bottle: Staff Review

Custom Aluminum BottlesCustom aluminum bottles continue to be very popular items. They at once straddle the line between budget friendly and high perceived value. Metal bottles are typically trendy, stylish items and appeal to a wide range of people, making them a good bet when looking for ways to leave a mark on your organization’s target audience.

Since our clients are always hunting for a good deal that still makes their branding pop, we have added a few new aluminum water bottles to our lineup. We especially like the h2go Surge Aluminum Bottle. Continue reading

Product Video: Our Favorite Custom Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Have you checked out Bulletin Bottle lately? If not, you’re in for a treat! We have started working on one-minute video product reviews to help you make a decision on the best bottle for your project. And what better place to start than with one of our favorite custom stainless steel water bottles (and a best-selling Tritan water bottle)?

The latest stainless bottles added to our site have all been insulated, and that’s no coincidence. Trendy retail brands have set a high bar for reusable water bottles in 2017, and we’re more than happy to rise to the challenge and offer our clients premium bottles for branding projects. 

Back to our one-minute video reviews. If you go to the product listing for our Thermal Insulated Water Bottle H2Go Force, you can check out this nifty new video. You might even learn something new (Spoiler alert: we actually have THREE sizes of this bottle available, though we’ve been keeping it a secret for some reason!). Continue reading

Our Newest Tritan Water Bottle is Sticker-ready!

etb22341s-grRetail water bottle brands are hotter than ever, and we have seen an increase in clients wanting the trendy look of those bottles with their branding added. That’s why, in addition to our three S’well-inspired bottles, we’ve added the XL Tritan Bottle with Tethered Lid.

The staff member who was testing this bottle said it mysteriously disappeared from her cabinet, only to turn up in nearly unrecognizable form in her college student’s bag. You see, this bottle is super popular amongst college-aged students for they love to adhere stickers to the bottle and show off their individuality. These sticker-covered bottles can be seen all over college campuses nationwide, and the bigger the bottle the better! That’s why we chose an extra-large 34-ounce capacity for our newest Tritan water bottle. Continue reading

Best Promotional Water Bottles: Road Test!

This photo was taken from a car that was chock-full of water bottles!
This photo was taken from a car that was chock-full of water bottles!

I recently traveled across the country with my family—and some of our employees’ favorite water bottles. Two weeks and 3000 miles later, I definitely have an opinion as to what the best promotional water bottles on our site are. My needs may not match yours, but I can say without a doubt that these are my favorites…and are worth every penny! Continue reading

Wide Mouth Collapsible Water Bottle: Product Review

Folding Water BottleI volunteered to test the Wide Mouth Collapsible Bottle because there are two design elements that stuck out when I first saw this bottle in person.

First was the lid. Most of the folding water bottles I’ve seen have simple screw on, push-pull spouts with a clear cap that pops on and off (like our Flat Water Bottle). There’s nothing wrong with those lids, but this is one you would likely find on a much more expensive bottle. Continue reading